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Min Sung-sik, who is active in various fields such as music, tattoos, paintings, and models,
Interviews were conducted online and offline, such as the studio and FaceTime.
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-Please briefly introduce
This is Min Sung-sik who makes paintings and music.

-Has anything changed due to the recent coronavirus (covid-19)?
People don't tattoo. Is it because consumption is reduced? Oh, and I can't go abroad. Maybe other tattooists do. Originally, I did a lot of overseas work as a guest work. Instead, I think music work has become more active.

-What have you been working on lately?
Recently, he performed THSS and recently released his friend Mokyo single (Mokyo-crying) regular (Mokyo-accent fried) album artwork, crying music video, paintings, and several songs in his regular album, and his personal album is being prepared.
Aiming for the first half of this year...

-Please explain the music you play. About the genre and work.
Rather than specifying a special genre, there are various kinds of music that I can make regardless of genre. In the case of personal work, the perfection of music was strictly my standard, but recently, I wanted to make music with perfection with my colleagues. It was interesting because I was influenced by my friends a lot, and the standards were very different for each work.

-But what kind of music do you usually listen to?
I only listen to all kinds of things regardless of genre. Just everything

-Do you have any special favorite music or albums?
no. I have a lot of music I like, but I don't want to be a worker..